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About us

Urban Medical Gear is dedicated to providing quality medical kits and components to those of varying skill and training levels.

Urban Medical Gear LLC. is a veteran-owned small business based in Knoxville, TN with roots in the Pacific Northwest. Established in Jan. of 2018, UMG (Urban Medical Gear) began providing quality trauma kits and components housed in various packaging configurations. 

Initially, UMG focused its efforts on vacuum sealed pouches as a quick and convenient way of accessing pre-staged trauma supplies. After a short time, it was apparent that nylon bags and pouches would become more our style with customized kits being shipped out more frequently. Our interest in nylon products was brought on mainly by Vanquest Gear out of California. The level of quality and innovation seen in Vanquest Gear products stood out to us as being useful in a variety of applications. A dealer contract with Vanquest Gear was obtained shortly after and we began offering more and more Vanquest Gear products stocked full of proven supplies. 

As a military veteran and civilian EMS provider, the founder of UMG was exposed to quality equipment and its application. UMG understands the importance of evidence based medicine and the impact that has on the gear we sell. At UMG, we make it our goal to provide proven supplies from trustworthy sources. Our primary supplier for medical supplies is North American Rescue LLC. which is known by many for being the standard in trauma management supplies. 

As our company grows we hope to continue our mission of providing quality medical gear to individuals of varying skill levels.