About us

It all started when...

One day after work I began looking at the medical gear that I was carrying in my everyday carry bag as well as what I keep in my vehicle. It was obvious that the gear was unorganized and challenging to quickly deploy. I began experimenting with organizing my gear by using a food vacuum sealer and placing the "kits" inside of my bags as well as one in my vehicle's glove box. The idea seemed so simple yet so convenient. I was able to reach for a compact vacuum-sealed bag and instantly have access to all the essentials for handling a real emergency involving loss of blood, a compromised airway, and inadequate breathing. 

The idea of having a sealed bag with medical gear inside of it expanded to the idea of providing IFAK type kits as well as providing nylon bags and backpacks that could hold medical gear in a convenient manner.  

I searched other stores that had similar ideas and noticed two things that were glaringly obvious. First, the trauma kits that I saw for sale with decent price tags had extremely cheap and generic stocked items that would not be sufficient during an actual emergency (who needs thirty-five fingertip bandaids, a 2x2 gauze pad, and a pair of plastic tweezers as a trauma kit?) The second thing that I noticed was that the trauma kits that came stocked with actual quality gear were grossly overpriced. I wanted to be able to offer medical/survival kits that would include quality gear that could be used by a professional or layperson alike at a reasonable price.