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WYLD Gear: 16 oz. Wyld Cup & 25 Quart Cooler Review

If there is something that we can all agree on this summer, it's that a cooler and insulated cups are a must. From daily commutes, range trips, or just yard work, most of us are using them. With advances in the cooler industry, more and more brands are putting out high quality products that are keeping beverages and food colder for longer. 

General Overview

We recently decided to have a company engrave some custom cups for Urban Medical Gear and we ultimately settled on WYLD GEAR for this project. This company is pushing premium products at a fair price and we knew it would be a great fit. From our experience with them so far, the products perform extremely well and look great. 

Due to our good experience with Wyld Gear and their products, I wanted to write up this review for those in the market for quality coolers or insulated cups.

I realize that a good majority of our customer base is into the outdoor lifestyle through hunting, fishing, shooting, or for their occupation, and currently use products like these. In this review, I'm going to cover the Wyld Cup Stainless Steel 16 oz. cup as well as their Wyld One 25Q cooler. 

Functionality: Wyld One 25Q Cooler 

 As soon as I saw the Wyld One 25Q cooler in person, It was obvious that Wyld Gear placed an emphasis on functionality and innovation. From easy to use closing latches, built-in cup holders, fish measuring ruler, and even bottle openers, they definitely thought this design through. 

 The insulated walls on the Wyld One 25Q quickly stood out to me as being uniquely thick. Not only did the insulated walls stand out, but the lid seal design with a raised lip on the cooler itself did as well. So to truly test the functionality of this cooler, I knew that I needed to load it up and let it sit outdoors for an extended period of time. 

Full disclaimer here: I did not make this a very scientific test but I can tell you that the cooler was placed on my back deck with partial sunlight exposure over the course of three days straight. Also, the average midday temperature was 90 degrees here in East Tennessee. 

Starting Point:

I placed six beverages of ranging size and container material in the cooler along with ice up to about 3/4 full. I closed and secured the lid and decided to check back in on the contents in 24 hours. 

Wyld One 25

24 Hours In:

As you can see, a good majority of the ice is remaining and the contents were all ice cold. It seems that the seal on this cooler is performing very well considering the outdoor environment and temperature. 

Wyld One 25Q

48 Hours In: 

Obviously the overall ice content is down a good bit, but the drinks were all still extremely cold. 

72 Hours In: 

At 72 hours in, most of the ice had melted but the temperature of the beverages was still very cold. As a reference, it has been 5 days since I started this test and I'm currently drinking one of the Sparkling ICE beverages from the cooler - and it feels like I pulled it from the fridge. 

Wyld One 25Q


Temperature After 72 Hours: 

With any cooler, the ability to keep beverages or food cold will vary greatly on how often you open the lid. For my test, I only opened the lid long enough for a few photos and that was it. Opening and closing out on the range multiple times in direct sunlight will surely decrease the endurance. 

I placed a thermometer in the water at the end of this test and had a reading of 32.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Considering how long this cooler was outdoors and overall size, I was very pleased with this temperature. 


User Experience: Wyld One 25Q

Over the last several weeks, I have used the Wyld One 25Q for multiple range trips and it has done the job flawlessly. The size of the 25Q is ideal in my opinion for a wide range of applications. I'm sure you could easily fit plenty of ice and a 12 pack of White C...I mean Gatorades in here with no issue. 

Wyld Gear included two easy to use grab handles on either end of the cooler as well as a sturdy lip that can be used for lifting the cooler up into a truck bed or higher surface. Moving this cooler is simple with it's overall compact size and it seems to be a good hybrid between ultra mobile and a stationary option. 

The grip enhanced feet on the Wyld One 25Q are a nice touch. The Sticky Feet really help plant this cooler on whatever surface you place it on. 

Wyld One 25Q

Specifications: Wyld One 25Q

Price: $189.99

Capacity: 25 Quarts

Exterior Dimensions: 17.75" H x 17" L x 15.75" W

Weight: 21 Pounds

Interior Dimensions: 14.25" H x 11.25" L x 10.25" W

Unique Features: Wyld One 25Q

The details on this cooler really make it stand out. From the threaded drain plug, cup holders, fish ruler, rubberized feet, and even bottle openers, Wyld Gear went the extra mile. 

Wyld Gear Cooler

Seeing these small but innovative touches on the Wyld One 25Q just confirms the attention to detail that Wyld Gear places. Aesthetically speaking, the Wyld Gear lineup is a distinct and bold look. Wyld Gear offers some of the typical colors for cooler products - but these bold designs really look great. Forest Camo is the name of the pattern on the cooler I tested and I'm a huge fan of the look. 

Wyld One 25Q

 Final Thoughts: Wyld One 25Q

The Wyld One 25Q is a well-built and well performing cooler at a fair price. For those who like to life outdoors and are constantly on the go, a Wyld Gear cooler is a sound investment. 

This company specializes in quality and it shows in almost every aspect of the cooler. For those searching for a tough cooler that will fit in almost any environment, Wyld Gear is worth considering. Check out their website for the full lineup! 

Stainless Steel 16 oz. Wyld Cup 

Wyld Cup

 As I mentioned earlier, we at Urban Medical Gear went through Wyld Gear for our custom 16 oz. Wyld Cups that we have thoroughly been impressed by.

My first real experience with a Wyld Gear product was when I purchased one of these very cups from a local ACE Hardware store a while back. I was immediately drawn to the overall look and feel of this cup - talk about a premium solo cup remake. 

Like with the 25Q cooler, I knew that I needed to test the performance. What better way than by leaving it in the cupholder of a vehicle parked in the sunlight during midday. I started by filling up the Wyld Cup 3/4 of the way with ice and then topping it off with cold water. 

Starting Point: Wyld Cup 16 oz. Test 

For this simple test, I placed the cup in the vehicle, put the lid on, and closed the vehicle doors. The temperature outdoors was right around 88 degrees Fahrenheit at the start of the test. 

Wyld Cup 16 oz.

1 Hour In 

As you can see, a good majority of the ice is remaining. Considering the internal temperature of the vehicle was likely well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, this was impressive for such a compact cup. 

Wyld Cup

 3 Hours In

At this point, most of the ice was gone but the water was still very cold with a temperature reading of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Wyld Cup

For a compact, insulated cup that sat in an enclosed vehicle during July in TN, I was pleased with how it performed. 

Specifications: Wyld Cup 16 oz. 

Price: $19.99 

Capacity: 16 oz. 

Material: Stainless Steel 

Lid: Wyld Slyder Leak-Proof Lid

Base: Rubberized Non-Slip

Wyld Cup

Final Thoughts: Wyld One Cup

The Wyld Cup is the perfect travel or just daily commute cup to keep your favorite beverage cold or hot. It's hard not to like the high quality stainless steel look and performance. 

Not only is the Wyld Cup great at keeping your beverage either cold or hot, it's also great for the environment. Using a Wyld Cup means less disposable plastic cups being used and ultimately thrown out. It's a win-win with a Wyld Cup. 

Being able to use the Wyld Cup for several weeks now has really made me a big fan of it. The custom engraving with our company logo might help me like it even more, but the cup truly is worth every penny. 

Wyld Gear


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