R.A.I.D. PAK - Urban Medical Gear
R.A.I.D. PAK - Urban Medical Gear
R.A.I.D. PAK - Urban Medical Gear


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Our Rapid Aid Intervention Deployment PAK is the ideal kit for those looking for a non-conventional way of carrying medical supplies in a variety of environments. 

Housed in a DENDRITE Large from Vanquest Gear, the kit provides the user with an enhanced trauma kit load out while maintaining a relatively low profile. The DENDRITE Large is a premium waist pack built high quality materials that will last. Internal organization features and a high vis lining material will help you quickly locate the gear you need in the moment. 

The Multicam black color option is built from Cordura Brand water resistant fabric. The Shadow Gray is built using a coated 400D UrbanBlend Fabric that is also water repellent. These bags are designed with several internal and exterior pockets for organization with YKK zippers.  

Whether it's a vehicle based trauma kit or with you on a 10 mile hike, the R.A.I.D. PAK will fit right in. The DENDRITE sits comfortably on the waist or across the chest/back with an adjustable seatbelt webbing waist strap that extends out to 54". 

This kit is designed for those with TCCC or TECC training at a minimum and is catered towards those with ALS training.

By purchasing the kit and included components you are stating that you have been trained in the components use and take full responsibility for their application. 


Each R.A.I.D. PAK includes the following: 

  • *X1 CAT Gen-7 Tourniquet (Option For Two)
  • X1 Set Of Hyfin Vent Compact Chest Seals
  • X1 14 Gauge ARS From NAR
  • X1 4" Elastic Pressure Wrap
  • X1 6" Emergency Trauma Dressing (NAR)
  • X1 28F NPA W/Lubricant
  • X1 QuikClot Combat Gauze
  • X1 Wound Packing Gauze (NAR)
  • X1 Mylar Rescue Blanket
  • X1 2"x9" Frog Tape Strip (Phokus Research)
  • X1 Pair Of 5.5" Trauma Shears
  • X1 Pair Of Nitrile Gloves (Lg)
  • X1 Black Sharpie