Aid-PAK Gen-2 (Tri-Fold)
Aid-PAK Gen-2 (Tri-Fold)
Aid-PAK Gen-2 (Tri-Fold)
Aid-PAK Gen-2 (Tri-Fold)
Aid-PAK Gen-2 (Tri-Fold)

Aid-PAK Gen-2 (Tri-Fold)

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The ultimate first aid kit capable of handling minor to moderate trauma related injuries. 

  • Designed to be extremely user friendly and adaptable, this kit is a must-have for every car, truck, boat, ATV, and RV. This kit is stocked with legitimate gear that will actually serve a purpose and not just "fill the bag."

  • Made from durable nylon, this pouch is mounted on a velcro base that is MOLLE compatible for rapid deployment from storage location.

Each kit contains: 

  • x1 8"x6"x3" Tri-Fold EMT pouch with MOLLE compatible base

  • x1 CAT Gen-7 Tourniquet 

  • x1 4" Emergency Trauma Dressing

  • x1 *QuikClot 4x4 Dressing (Optional) 

  • x1 CPR Shield W/Barrier 

  • x1 4" Rolled Gauze

  • x1 Instant Cold Pack

  • x1 1”x54” Cloth Medical Tape

  • x2 Pair of Nitrile Gloves Size Large

  • x1 Pair of 7.5" Trauma Shears

  • x1 Military Grade 6" 12 hour Chemlight (Green)

  • x2 Butterfly Closures

  • x5 1"x3" Bandaids

  • x2 Antiseptic Wipes

  • x2 Triple Antibiotic Individual Packets

  • x1 Bite and Sting Wipe

  • x1 5"x9" ABD Gauze Pad

  • x2 4"x4" Gauze Pads

  • x1 3"x9" Petroleum Gauze Strip

  •  x1 Black Sharpie 

  • x1 NAR S-Rolled Gauze Pack