Company Information


Urban Medical Gear kits are designed with ease-of-use-under-stress in mind. With easy-to-deploy features  and strategically packaged items, these kits will enable you to focus on treating the wound under pressure. Each kit contains quality, proven medical and survival gear that is perfect for everyday carry bags, the trunk, the glove box, and so much more. So whether you're just starting patrol, commuting to work, headed to the range, or just enjoying the great outdoors, be sure to grab an Urban Medical Gear kit so that you are prepared for whatever life brings.

Save-a-Life Guarantee

We are proud to stand behind what we call the "Save-a-Life Guarantee." The Save-a-Life Guarantee applies to our Intermediate and Advanced IFAK’s. This is a promise to our customers that with each Intermediate or Advanced IFAK that is used to treat a potential life-threatening injury, we will replace the IFAK components used at no cost to the owner other than shipping. This guarantee is valid for as long as Urban Medical Gear LLC is in existence as a business. Reach out to Urban Medical Gear via email or social media with your story of how the gear was used and we will ship you replacement components.